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Real Estate with Style: A Rosedale House Transformation

It is always nice to be able to see what your clients create of a property they buy. In my blog I will be sharing two exceptional properties that had their great potential realized through my buyers’ vision to take them to the next level!

The first property I’m highlighting was one of my listings near Chorley Park in Rosedale. The home had a very stark, Scandinavian-inspired interior in contrast to its handsome Georgian exterior.

While the look of the home was quite specific, the quality of the architecture and the renovation was exceptional. However, many potential buyers could not process how they could make this open, sparse house a home. After some time on market, I was able to find the buyers that saw a vision for this property! For them, it was love at first sight and they immediately understood the unique architectural details of the home and the quality of the construction. An offer was submitted and accepted and my clients began their journey to transform this space into their home.

After interviewing a number of designers, they ultimately chose to work with young, up-and-coming designer Megan Crosbie of  Megan Crosbie Design to create a wonderful space to showcase their art collection. Megan immediately understood the essence of the space. Below are a few photos of the home’s interior that showcase the work. More photos can be found here: House near Chorley Park


My next blog article will showcase a Ritz Carlton Condominium that went from a frumpy dated batchelor pad to a wonderfully fresh space that highlights a spectacular view!

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