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Toronto Art: Winter Stations Kew Beach

I made my annual trek to see the fourth public Winter Stations art exhibit at Kew Beach. This is the perfect outing for the family over March Break! Below are some photos but they are best appreciated in person. The stations will remain on Kew Beach until April 1st, 2018.

Pussy Hut

Pussy Hut – Martin Miler & Mo Zheng. This is a very current installation that reflects the #metoo movement. The vibrant pink catches your eye from afar and when you see this installation up close you can appreciate the work involved knitting this massive pink hat. It certainly was the place to be to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th.

Make Some Noise

Make Some Noise!!! – Alexandra Grieß & Jorel Heid – Hamburg, Germany. This interactive installation creates noise. There are levers and speakers and you are encouraged to interact to “Make Some Noise”. This installation was inspired by the intonarumori of the Italian futurist Luigi Rusoll0. Russollo created a sound box that was a shocking diversion from the traditional instruments and caused a huge outrage. The exhibit encourages people to change their normal behavioural pattern and enjoy the interaction with this sound box.


Revolution – OCAD University – Ben Chang, Anna Pogossyan, Amr Alzahabi, Carlos Chin, Iris Ho, Tracee Jia, Krystal Lum, Adria Maynard, Purvangi Patel, Judiette Vu –
Toronto, Ontario, Canada. There was a viewfinder for every height to look out on to Lake Ontario.


Obstacle – Kien Pham Surbiton – United Kingdom. This installation is a metaphor for the problems individuals face. It was fun to walk through and see the peek-a-boo views of Lake Ontario.


Nest – Ryerson University – Adrian Chiu, Arnel Espanol, Henry Mai – Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Nest was a cozy place to walk into for shelter from the winter elements.

Rising Up

Rising Up – University of Guelph – Alexander Good, Austin Huang, Kevin Sadlemyer, Marc Cote, Stephan Stelliga, Zixiang Chen, Nadia Amoroso, John Phillips, Sean Kelly – Guelph, Ontario, Canada. I really appreciated the architecture of this curvaceous installation.

Wind Station

Wind Station – Paul van den Berg & Joyce de Grauw – Rotterdam, Netherlands. This is a call to phase out nuclear power stations in favour of other energy sources such as wind.  It was quite mesmerizing watching all the little windmills move with the breeze.

This was my quick pictorial from my visit to the Winter Stations at Kew Beach but as I had mentioned earlier it is worth the excursion to see it for yourselves. Have a wonderful March Break!

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