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Toronto Luxury Real Estate: Celebrating Ukrainian Design

Like many all over the world, the design community is outraged by what is happening in Ukraine and many architecture firms have halted any building project in Russia as a result. Some  designers show support for Ukraine through creating powerful symbols and imagery. Ukrainian Designer Katerina Korolevtseva speaks out, stating we can’t be silent!

Given what is happening in Ukraine right now I felt it would be nice to highlight Ukrainian designers. Many things we perceive to be Italian are actually the work of Ukrainian designers. There are a few articles that speak to this. Ukraine is a culturally rich country and has long been a great incubator for design. Their design draws on artisan traditions. Below is a quick summary from a recent Dezeen Article  highlighting six Ukrainian designers.

Air – A residential project by Yakusha Design in Portugal

Yakusha Design’s Air Cabin is a Ukrainian design in Portugal that uses natural shades to “ground the serenity of the interior”. In addition to striking architecture, Yakusha Design also has their own furniture line that is showcased at Farina Designs in Antwerp, Belgium. “Live design is the studio’s philosophy and signature approach. Minimalist, yet sensual spaces start with freedom — inner and outer. Deeply connected to nature, the spaces speak through different senses encouraging their guests to feel, not only to look at.”

FAINA Design Antwerp, Belgium


Say No Mo Salon designed by Balbek Bureau

Balbek Bureau is a local Ukrainian design firm that designs commercial, restaurant, retail and residential spaces. They designed a local salon to avoid typical gender stereotypes and used concrete and steel for a bold statement.

Virgin Izakaya Bar

Virgin Izakaya Bar was designed by Yodezeen and is located in Kyiv. The design blends existing industrial architecture with contemporary details. “The basic philosophy of our studio is to create individual, aesthetically stunning solutions for our customers by lightning-fast development of projects employing unique styles and architecture.”


Breadway Bakery in Odessa, Ukraine

Artem Trigubhak and Lera Brumina worked together to design a whimsical bakery  in Odessa, Ukraine that blends colour and texture. They have also designed a space for a Ukrainian developer’s offices. “We are endlessly inspired and love the architecture of the Soviet period, and we really wanted to create a comfortable working space without violating the architectural context.”

Orange – Olga Fradina

Olga Fradina is a Ukrainian designer who is known for reinventing a small Ukraine apartment to allow for an open living area for the owner to host tea and meditation events. The photo above is of her “Orange” project and I love how the bold blast of orange adds contrast.

Rina Lovko Studio designed a Kyiv Florist shop. Rina had the task of creating the space on a limited budget in a Soviet-era warehouse. She kept things austere using terrazzo concrete fixtures, mirrors and the existing concrete floors.  She is better known for her residential design work in which she always incorporates an element of nature.

“Trees, mountains, music, human being – everything has its own sound frequency and character. This uniqueness is kept as the core line in the studio’s projects. Following her ideals, the architect works only with natural sustainable materials, refusing any kind of imitation.”

These are just six highlighted designers and architects, and I am sure there are many more rising stars in Ukraine. It is tragic to think some of their creations may have been destroyed but it appears the Ukrainian people are very resilient and will work on restoring Ukraine to what it was prior to the Russian invasion.

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I have donated to the Red Cross to help the Ukrainian humanitarian efforts during this crisis. The Canadian Government is matching donations until March 18th.  You can also donate to The Humanitarian Coalition or Doctors Without Borders. We have to prepare for an influx of Ukrainian refugees coming to Canada and should consider donating supplies to refugees through local food banks, clothing donations.

My thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and their families. Their resilience and I hope their spirit can guide them through this unconscionable act by Russia.