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Toronto Luxury Real Estate: Marketing and Open Houses

A little about what we do:

We had a whirlwind few weeks launching a premium property for sale recently. It was a mere two weeks from the original meeting with our clients to the sale! Because this property in particular sold so quickly, it made me think that sometimes many people imagine that all real estates agents do is slap a “for sale” sign up and wait for an offer. So I started to think that maybe I need to explain our process of selling a property. We are a concierge real estate service and, as such, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes before launching a home to market. Things like: decluttering, donating unwanted items, painting, professional cleaning, window and eaves cleaning, pressure washing,  pre-home inspection and small repairs. We also provide a professional stylist who knows how to enhance your home so the property presents at its absolute best level to sell. No HomeSense items here; it’s an extensive inventory of high-quality furniture, accessories and art to make a home sing!

We then provide professional photography, drone photos, floor plans,  a Matterport virtual tour and video of the property. These items are then posted on all of our social media networks and website.  We also provide print ads, mailers and a hard copy, high-quality feature sheet with in-depth descriptions of the home, property and neighbourhood.

One current trend in real estate right now that you won’t see us doing is a video with ourselves in it. We believe our job as realtors is to sell a property and not ourselves. I understand many realtors like to use a listing to promote themselves but our philosophy is that only the property should be promoted. It is the property’s time to shine, not ours!

We hosted our first open house since the pandemic this past weekend. It was nice to see people in person and interact with the public again. Previous homeowners even came to reminisce; the home had belonged to one visitor’s grandmother and she too enjoyed the memories.

A few thoughts for those coming through an open house:

  1. It is ok to say you are a neighbour or just want to lurk. We have an open door policy and believe the more eyes on a property, the more word gets out about it. All ok, so you don’t have to pretend you are looking to buy when you are not!  It just becomes a bit of a time waster for the realtor when in fact there could be someone else viewing the home seriously that may require the realtor’s time for questions.
  2. When you enter an open house it is always nice to identify yourself, for many reasons. We don’t want to hound you but it is good to be able to give a conclusive list of those who attended the open house to the homeowners. If you are a homeowner, I think you would want to have the same respect.
  3. If you have an interest in the home, it is very important to give the name of the realtor you are working with, or your contact information if you are not working with a realtor, in case and offer comes in on the property. The contact information would only be used to let you know of an offer. We do not randomly contact people or add you to our email list unless requested.

Due to our successful preparation and pricing we sold this home in one weekend with two offers!  The market is currently shifting as the economy absorbs higher interest rates and inflation concerns continue to loom. A shifting market is ok as panic buying wasn’t good for anyone. With a changing market, it is important that your home presents at its very best; correct pricing is key as is utilizing the correct strategy for offers received.

Please reach out to us for a comprehensive plan to sell your home for the best price and the fewest days on market. It is important to be nimble and quickly adjust to the changing market. The worst thing to do now is overprice and chase the market down.