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Toronto Real Estate and Life: Uncertain Times

What a difference even one week has made to how all of our lives are affected by coronavirus and COVID-19. What used to seem like a problem on the other side of the world has reached Toronto. It is a new reality we all have to face. Yes social distancing is a shock to people used to all the activities urban life provides but we all need to listen to medical experts and lay low at home. I personally am in hibernation watching the real estate market and will make myself available to clients on a need-to basis. Chestnut Park has advised us all to work remotely unless we absolutely need to go to the office. All offers are now to be done through email rather than a formal offer presentation at our office. Our clients’ health and safety and that of Chestnut Park’s staff is of utmost importance. Despite this new reality, homes are still selling and many with offer dates. In fact, there were multiple deals that took place over this past weekend at Chestnut Park.  Below is a message from our Chris Kapches, our president and CEO.

MARCH 17, 2020
Dear Clients and Friends,

COVID-19 has created exceptional challenges for our friends, families, communities and businesses. The Chestnut Park team is working together to mitigate these challenges, to the extent possible.Over the past week, the Chestnut Park team has rallied together to assist one another, and to support our agents and clients by implementing various protocols to reduce risk to our employees, agents and communities. We believe that we have implemented the necessary protocols that will enable us to continue to provide our clients with the up-to-date market insights, service and guidance that they have grown to expect. We will make necessary adjustments to our practices and protocols as more information becomes available.

As difficult decisions are being made, and as people will invariably be affected, I am confident that our communities, our businesses and our friendships will grow stronger and thrive. I encourage everyone to stay supportive of one another, and we will continue to provide services to our clients, agents, and the community that we serve during this difficult and trying time.

Chris Kapches
LLB, President and CEO, Broker of Record

I keep thinking about what it would have been like during the Spanish Flu, sequestered in homes, frightened but without the same level of communication that we have in 2020. As terrible as this COVID-19 disease appears to be, we are in a better situation than 1918. We at least have the comforts of home and a very strong food supply chain (despite what those flocking the grocery stores feel).  We have computers, Netflix, and can embrace family time whether they are with you or on FaceTime or a phone call away.

Staying at home can feel a bit boring but actually it is a great practise for all of us to slow down a bit and enjoy the comfort of our homes. It is a very anxious time for all of us and exercise is a great way to clear your mind. Those that know me know I love my Peleton for a quick at- home workout. What many may not know is that there is a great app that has a variety of workouts including Yoga, Meditation and Running, Boot Camp and Cycling (if you have a different stationary bike).

A free meditation podcast is available at Power Yoga Canada

Online classes are available at Misfit Studio

Here is a list of the best online classes for further ideas

I feel for parents with young kids trying to occupy them at home, limiting play dates and honouring social distancing. This is the time to dust off the board games, pull out a deck of cards, bake some cookies, watch an old classic, start that puzzle you received as a present a few years ago.

Frozen 2 is being released tomorrow to help parents in entertaining little ones. Universal has announced it will release to streaming its current movie releases to keep people home.  It is also still ok to get outside for some fresh air as long as you keep a safe distance from others. A ravine walk certainly clears the mind.

Also think of all the odd jobs were are behind on at home, the tax paperwork need to organize, all those home projects we procrastinate. It is a perfect time to settle into a good book.

Please, I urge you to enjoy life as a homebody as everyone who stays home can slow the spread of infection and actually help to save lives!

If you have coronavirus symptoms there is an online Ontario website to self-screen. Please don’t rush to testing centres until you do this self screen. There are COVID-19 testing centres that are separate from hospital emergency rooms to get tested. If you want to call a health professional for advice 811 is the number to call not 911. Telehealth Ontario’s number is 1-866-797-0000

As we all think of ourselves and our loved ones’ health, we also need to think of those in need who may not have the resources we do to ride this wave out. Consider donating to your local food bank. I donated to The Stop , Daily Bread  Food Bank  and Parry Sound Harvest Share  to support a Muskoka area food bank as well. I want to wish everyone well as we ride out this pandemic. This too shall pass and life will return to a new normal. Be safe, be well and be smart.