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Toronto Red Flag Campaign assists with Pedestrian Safety for Back to School

I am sure many people have seen the red flags at crosswalks around the city. I was confused as to what they were until I witnessed a little boy crossing the street by grabbing the red flag and waving it as he crossed the street on Summerhill Avenue by “The Ramp”. I realized how brilliant this is. It is hard to miss a red flag waving therefore makes it very clear to drivers there is a child crossing the street.

The bright orange flags are located at each corner of the intersection in canisters strapped to the Streetlight poles  It is quite simple for pedestrians to use: Take one flag, look both ways, maintain eye contact with the driver, cross street with flag held up in the air, place flag in the canister at the other side of the street. Further details can be found in this BlogTO post. 

As kids head back to school in September we should all be mindful of kids crossing at intersections. This red flag project will help us all notice young kids on there way to the schoolyard.

Wishing everyone a great end to summer and a smooth transition to your fall routines.

Warmest Regards,

Helen Braithwaite, Sale Representative, Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited